Fan view rider list does not show all riders

I regularly use fan view to watch my team race but the rider list is very frustrating Constantly losing riders stopping you from being able to select different riders in the race.

Seems to mainly break before/after junctions.

This has been like this for a long time any chance this can be looked at?

This isn’t an issue that I’m familiar with, can you break down a little more how often you see it?
In free ride this behaviour wouldn’t surprise me since every junction is a chance for the list to change, but you mentioned watching your team so I’m guessing this is happening to you in events which seems strange to me since routing is fixed in events so. If you’re seeing this in events, are you also in the event with the profile doing the fan view or are you using the fan view while in the world, but not registered for the event?

Yeah, the nearby riders list gets confused around intersections, event or no event. Not much you can do about it except wait until both riders are on the same side of the intersection, and sometimes even that somehow seems to become impossible. Really the only workaround at the moment is to select the rider you want to watch via the companion app in those situations.

usually just in the world then fan viewing into an event.

I can see the race rider list down the right and frequently when passing junctions it loses half the participants. so you are only able to select the riders on that screen until later riders also pass the junction.

I’ve not tried joining an event recently to see if it’s as bad it’s often advised not to join race pens to fanview for ZRL so I tend to avoid it.

I can understand it going weird in free rides as it does not know routes people are riding but in races you have a set list of riders from first to last so should always know who is in the list no matter where they are on course or junctions.

I’ve reached out for some clarification on how we expect this to behave, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the logic for that list didn’t recognize that the riders were on a fixed route if you were not in the event with them. I’ll get back to you on this as soon as I have more information

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