Rider list while fanviewing

hi @xflintx

posting here as can’t put in competition recap & updates. can we keep those posts open until a new post is made?

But main request is anyone looking at rider list while fan viewing?

When fan viewing riders in races pretty much any junction throws off the order of the rider list and you then have to wait for the next rider to pass through the junction before it updates. Makes for very hard to see accurate gaps and select other riders to view.

Edit. Misread post.

I don’t think we’re looking into this currently.

Might just be me I like to watch multiple teams on TTT so tend to skip around fan viewing quite a bit

Gordon - I think it does the same thing when you’re riding with gaps getting wonky around junctions.

Yep same thing a bit annoying when racing and fan viewing to see gaps. Even sweeping as well can be a pain sometimes.