Fan view return iOs

So last night while cycling I rode past a jogger and thought fair play I’ll give him a ride on but because I zipped past him I wasn’t 100% sure what his name was so I tapped the name I thought it was and switched to fan view to verify before giving him the ride on. But then I couldn’t seem to switch back to my rider view (i googled while cycling and realised what I had to do) and everytime I tried to find the guys name in the list who I was lookking at, there were so many people cycling past the list didnt stay still long enough for me actually find him again. I ended up randomly clicking on a cyclist in order to keep the list stable enough to click on his name and switch back to my view. Surely there’s a way that when in ‘fan view’ the switch view or similar can change to a ‘switch to my rider’ view?

I know this in not your main question but if you look at the rider list you will see the runners has /km and the cyclist has w/kg.

I assume you found the back to me in the bottom left. (this is for windows)

I use the zwift mobile link app to find people near me, it is pretty easy to scroll up and down.

Ahhh handy to know the /km trick. My MacBook sits out of reach to use the controls on screen so I use the mobile link app and it was the list on there that every time I looked back down at, moved so I could find the persons name that I was hunting for. With a bit of practice it would of been easier but there has to be an easier way!


It take some getting used too. I think if you do it often enough you will fine people easier. You should look at how quickly the guys that broadcast the races go from one rider to another.