Zwift Companion Fan View

Before the most recent update, I could use my companion to select a Zwifter, and go to Fan View. This was helpful in group rides, as a sweeper, to see how far back a dropped rider was. Now, when I go to fan view with the app, I cannot return to my view. I have to do it via the computer, which makes it hard for me since my computer is several feet away from my bike station. Is this a bug or a permanent change top the app? Thanks

Hi @Todd_Tucker1

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for the report. It looks like you’re using Companion app on an iPhone, yes?

Can you provide a little more context on how you’re changing views on ZC?

iPad Pro

I am in ZC, looking at the texts. I click on the person that wrote the text, and select the Fan View mode. Typically, in the past, to switch back to me, I would go to the Map mode, and at the bottom, it would have a button that said RETURN TO ME. Or I can go to the rider page where I can give him a Ride On, and it would have a button to return to me. But now it will not take me back to me. I have to do it from my computer.


@Todd_Tucker1 thanks for following up. It’s really helpful for us to know the steps you took so we can try to reproduce it on our end.

Do you recall how many riders were in this event?

About 300 plus. It was a pack ride. It happens on every ride. I can video it for you and post a link for you.