"Following" another rider

(Jim M ChristianCycling.com) #1

I was trying to activate my drafting achievement (delivery truck in the upper left corner) by pressing the spacebar on my computer. Not sure if I pressed it multiple times or what happened, but my screen changed to view some other rider and at the top it said I was following (watching? not sure what exactly it said) the other rider. Zwift then showed his wattage and his view of the course. No matter what I did, it would not revert back to my view and my wattage and my HR and speed. I pressed the spacebar and clicked all over the screen. Could not get it to return to my ride and my view. Fortunately, I was about 50 minutes into a 60 minute ride, so I just watched my power meter to finish my training and then ended the session.

What causes Zwift to watch someone else rather than my ride? How is a rider supposed to be able to exit “watch” mode and return to their own ride? Is that a bug? or am I just missing how to exit that mode?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hey Jim!

Sounds like you got stuck in fan view! This is usually activated by clicking the name of a rider in the list on the right side of the screen. It is very unusual that you activated it using a keyboard, that definitely shouldn’t have occurred. Were you using a laptop? I personally find myself clicking things I didn’t mean to on some of the more sensitive mouse controls on our test laptops.

To exit fan view mode (should the issue occur again), simply click the large orange arrow button in the lower left corner of the Zwift window to return to your own avatar. 

Hope this helps!

(Adam Zivin) #3
  1. Is there a way to escape “fan view” when using the Zwift mobile link app? It is hard to scroll through the app pages without accidentally touching the name of another rider and then unintentionally watching them.

(Laszlo Fodor) #4

Hi Adam,

There is currently no dedicated way to return to My View on the Zwift Mobile Link. If you really want to use the Zwift Mobile Link to return to My View, you can always select another rider, select Fan View, and then select My View. However, I will discuss it with the development team and see if we can add it to a later version.

(Paul Firth) #5

I had the same problem and had to abandon my ride. I think that it is a really silly feature. What’s the point of being someone else and losing the ability to track yourself?

(Steven Addy [DMOS] (D-)) #6

It’s not so much that it’s a silly feature although that’s arguable IMO, it’s that on the PC platform getting out of it is not intuitive. IDK where these new user console ideas are coming from but the fact that the ‘exit fan view’ menu item isn’t above the list of fans is complete BS.

It’s almost as much BS as calculating speed from synthetic watts based on cadence? Wouldn’t that be a second order derivative? Again I call BS.

There are other things in zwift that need attention, like overhead map view versus being a fan of someone and following them…like a stalker.