Watching friends race on Zwift

(Catherine Alexander-Kiff) #1

(Catherine Alexander-Kiff) #2

How do you find friends racing and watch them in race. Simply going into the race and flicking through is frustrating and you have no idea you’re even in the right direction


(Tyler Shannon) #3

At the current moment, you can choose to fan view anyone, including someone that is racing. Is something you would like to see changed? 

(Rich Bamfield WBR) #4

I did and absolutely nothing happened

(Catherine Alexander-Kiff) #5

Best way is to pretend you’re going to cycle yourself {but don’t get on your bike!}. Press cycle with rider you know and choose the right one. Then Ride. You have a few seconds to click on the one you want to watch before your avatar gets left behind. Then you’re watching! Worked this out through trial and error - not a Zwift fix. Their Fan View has never worked for me. Good luck.

(Luc Parent) #6

Thanks, I guess if you want to watch a race, you need to start following one of the rider first. Fan view never worked for me either. even worst it get back to my own avatar stop on the side with no way to get back into action.