Fan view while in 'just watch' mode

When one of the Zwifters I follow starts cycling in Zwift (e.g. my brother, cycling buddy, pro Rider) I get notitied. However, I would like to be able to ‘Fan View’ them, even though I am not Zwifting myself at that moment (i.e. using the ‘Just Watch’ mode). I seem to be able to hit the ‘Fan View’ button for that person on Companion, but nothing happens… Would be a welcome possibility!

You need to be logged into Zwift. When you hit “Fan View” on the Companion app, it will change your view in the Zwift app to that of your friend. You can even do this while you are riding.

Thanks but you can actually ONLY do this while riding yourself… Not in Just Watch mode…

Ah … I see what you’re saying. I do the following when I want to watch a friend in a race, I usually join the race using the Companion app. Then, open Zwift on my laptop w/out pairing any sensors. Join the event. Then find his name in the listing. Click on it. I have found this the most convenient way. I suppose I could do the same but use my iPhone instead of laptop.

Thanks, that would probably work fine for events. Not for training though…!

And not if the race allready has begun! If it´s no late-joining, then there simply is no way of watching your friend race. Am I wrong, internet?

The same issue with my Android Companion. I hit the Fan view button, its label changes to My view, but the Zwift app doesnt do anything. I push the My view (same button) and nothing change again. What is the solution?

Fan view? Why isn’t that option on my version of Zwift Companion?

Hi @Fintan_Mac_Coitir

Fan view is only visible when you have the Zwift App open as well and your Companion app is on the same WiFi network.

I have the Zwift app open. (“Riding” but not actually ON the bike). Found a friend in the copa ion app. Fan-viewed him, nothing happens… ¿?

Sometimes this happens when they are in an event that you aren’t in.

I know that. If I were in the event I’d be racing and no time for fan viewing my friend. I want to use fan view while “not riding”, you know. To search and see anyone in a race or what have you… Would be a nice functionality…


+1 for improving the “fan view” to watch live races. Would love to see this baked into the Companion app so you don’t have to open Zwift as well.

Needs to be limited so you can only watch people you (reciprocally?) follow. ie: anti-stalker mode :wink:

It’s been my experience, and with a bit of additional “testing”, I think I’m coming to the correct conclusion that you can only watch someone that is either in one of the active worlds, or in the same event as you. For example, I’ve been trying to watch a friend, who i also follow/favorite, etc…race in the USAC race series, and I’ve been able to do so only a couple of times out of the 8 races he’s participated in. the times I’ve not been able to watch him, the world the race event was being held in wasn’t one of the active worlds for Zwift that day and I wasn’t participating in the event. So there has to be some limitation baked into Zwift, that must be related to the entire world limitation, that doesn’t allow “watchers” into a non-active world either. It’s got to be related to the same reason that Zwift just doesn’t open up the entire system to any world, every day. I guess even watching someone race in another world that isn’t active would somehow potentially overwhelm the system, if enough viewers were also active in that world.

I tested this theory further by looking through a list of other favorites that were also riding and sure enough, any of those that were riding in one of the active worlds, no problem switching to view them. Anyone not in the active world, couldn’t get to them.

It’s pretty disappointing really. I was really looking forward to watching my buddy and teammate race, but because of this limitation, have only been able to watch a couple of times. Zwift needs to figure out a way to ease that limitation on the active world thing. Even if it means doing some kind of check to the extent that, if you aren’t participating in that same event (which must override the world limitation…in other words, if I was racing with my buddy tonight and wanted to fan view him in the middle of the race - not sure why…unless i was crap and he was killing it - it would obviously let me in the same event) and you are in “Just Watch” mode, it lets you watch someone regardless of active world and what world they are in.

I can understand them wanting to limit you if you hit the “ride” button and enter, but it seems like there must be some way to have the “Just watch” be some sort of toggle for allowing fan view in every circumstance.

Make this happen Zwift HQ. I want to watch my buddies race. Not having this featuring is discouraging one of the key considerations for taking Zwift to the next level as far as it being a medium for race spectatorship.