Fan view while in 'just watch' mode

(Lars Borghouts) #1

When one of the Zwifters I follow starts cycling in Zwift (e.g. my brother, cycling buddy, pro Rider) I get notitied. However, I would like to be able to ‘Fan View’ them, even though I am not Zwifting myself at that moment (i.e. using the ‘Just Watch’ mode). I seem to be able to hit the ‘Fan View’ button for that person on Companion, but nothing happens… Would be a welcome possibility!

(Lin) #2

You need to be logged into Zwift. When you hit “Fan View” on the Companion app, it will change your view in the Zwift app to that of your friend. You can even do this while you are riding.

(Lars Borghouts) #3

Thanks but you can actually ONLY do this while riding yourself… Not in Just Watch mode…

(Lin) #4

Ah … I see what you’re saying. I do the following when I want to watch a friend in a race, I usually join the race using the Companion app. Then, open Zwift on my laptop w/out pairing any sensors. Join the event. Then find his name in the listing. Click on it. I have found this the most convenient way. I suppose I could do the same but use my iPhone instead of laptop.

(Lars Borghouts) #5

Thanks, that would probably work fine for events. Not for training though…!

(Andreas Grønneng Hjelme) #6

And not if the race allready has begun! If it´s no late-joining, then there simply is no way of watching your friend race. Am I wrong, internet?

(Tamas) #7

The same issue with my Android Companion. I hit the Fan view button, its label changes to My view, but the Zwift app doesnt do anything. I push the My view (same button) and nothing change again. What is the solution?