Watching a friend zwift

how do i watch a friend when in watch mode rather than zwift choosing someone to watch

First, you need to be in a ride in the same world as your friend. You don’t need to be pedalling, you can just be sat at the side of the road.

Then you go into Zwift Companion and find your friend’s details (e.g. from the list of people that you follow who are Zwifting Now). You should see a Fan View button on their details, and when you press that it will change your view of the game from your avatar’s view to seeing your friend. You can toggle back and forth with that button.

You can watch anyone like this, it doesn’t have to be someone that you follow.

Will your friend show up in Zwift Companion if you are logged into the Zwift game app and your avatar is on a Zwift road, unless your friend happens to be one of the closest 100 riders?

thank you very much for your quick response

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I was referring to the Zwifting Now list on the home page, not the list of Zwifters nearby (although that is another option). But a further option is going into your own profile on ZC and bringing up the list of those you are following, or your followers.

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