Issues with Fan View

Usually have a lot of issues with the Android Zwift and the issue is replicating itself on my iPad now as I try to troubleshoot. The fan view option appears half the time despite saying my boyfriend is riding. And when I select it on my android it changes the text to “my view” but nothing changes. Comparing this to my iPad, the info about his riding state still has not synced (it’s been 5 minutes) and Fan View is available but cannot be interacted with. This is not an isolated event, I hardly ever have a smooth time connecting the companion app to the game. As this app gets more and more competitive you need to be able to watch your loved ones. I love the app and it’s brought lots of joy to our lives but the ability to view riders in races (specifically maps that cannot be entered) needs to be improved. Thank you!

When you try to use Fan View are you making sure that your avatar is spawned into the same world as the Zwifter you’re trying to watch? Due to how the worlds load this feature is only designed to work with two Zwifters who are currently on the same world.

In order to get into a world that is not on the daily rotation, set up a meet-up with your friend. The friend does not need to attend or even accept, it’s just you need to list them in order to create the meet-up. Then you can go to the meet-up and that gets you in the world.

I do this all the time for DSing race teams and viewing my wife casually and it has never failed. It’s a bit clunky to have to do this but it works.

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Hello @Lucas_M
I see you are “Zwift Support Colleague”
There is a reason to allow this feature only when rider is on the same world ?
Do you know if Zwift team are working on this feature to allow “FAN VIEW” every where ?
Ride ON !

That is likely where the issue arises. As my boyfriend participates in races in the A league they occur on maps that normal players cannot access. For example, yesterday he was racing in Richmond but as a regular user I could only enter the worlds available. I’ve been able to bypass this issue on and off, it’s not consistent is the issue. Sometimes it seems best done by clicking just watch which triggers the zwift companion to enter the riding mode then searching my boyfriend and fan viewing. Other times it doesn’t work, like yesterday and I tried by entering a regular ride vs the just watch feature and it still communicated on the zwift companion that I was in fact watching him (moments later it reverts to the “Fan View” prompt).

Wow that’s very brilliant! I will try that out! Thank you for that work around idea, I had never thought of that. Ride on!

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Since you can only use the Fan View feature while your avatar is on the road, it would require two worlds to be loaded at the same time to view a Zwifter in a different world, which would be a considerably larger resource cost. I don’t have any information about if there are plans to change how Fan View works or not, but loading two worlds at once could be problematic for lower power devices.

Great explantation, and i clearly understand.

For race events, is it sufficient to be “in the world” to fan view a rider? Or do you have to be in the same event and class? Case in point, I tried fan viewing another rider in a race and joined my cat (B) and they were in (C) and I couldn’t see them in my friends list. The race was not category enforced so I then rejoined in (C) and he was visible. Similar situation, can I fanview my partner (D, female) in a race that I can’t join?

Also, what if there are hundreds or thousands of riders in the world and your desired rider isn’t in your 100-rider blob? Is there a good way to find them and fan view them in the companion app?

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I am doing it exactly like James here mentions it and yes, it works, it’s a pain but it works.

Just being in the world is fine, in my experience you can view any rider in any event. In order to find a rider, I type in their zwift name in the find zwifters page on companion app, fan view from there. I don’t rely on the list of friends. It always works so I’ve never tried other methods (names are not unique and often don’t match zwiftpower names so it’s not completely foolproof). I also recommend keeping the app open on the rider profile page because it’s quite common to get thrown off them and onto a random rider elsewhere in the world (I suspect this is due to a brief loss of connection).

You can watch the UCI worlds this way and get a different view from the webcast :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that helps a lot. I see there are several ways to find a rider in companion app – I was always just stuck on the “Game” tab/mode and didn’t think to use the other sections.

Hope it works well for you. The one thing that I find tricky is if you’re trying to view a random event where you don’t know participants well, finding the zwift profile page of an entrant based on the entry list on ZP can take a bit of detective work and be a bit frustrating! There are a lot of James Baileys for example :slight_smile:

Once you’re watching a rider in the event, clicking on the sidebar can move you up and down through the field. I usually use drone view but every time you change rider, you have to set that up again which is a minor nuisance.

Just being in the same world works in principle regardless of whether who is in an event or not, but in recent months at least I have been experiencing a condition on a regular basis, where a rider is shown as riding in the same world, but I can’t see the fan view button (+ ride on and whatever the third one is) on their profile in Companion. A bit of a pain when you are supposed to DS a team and you can’t see any of them.

Most of the time force quitting Companion and restarting it resolves this for me, but I have missed a significant part of a race at least once because of this (just this Premier watchumacallit so nothing major).

Oh, and a whole new thing in the ZRL race this Tuesday: towards the end of the race, clicking on somebody’s name on the nearby riders list only worked maybe a third of the time. Really weird, even tried two different pointer devices to make sure it wasn’t that (plus the cursor moved normally with either).

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We are no more able to use fan view with iPad and iPhone
See bellow picture, there is no icons.

Is your phone in Game mode there?

iPad in game mode
iPhone in companion

What I meant is the Companion app needs to be properly paired to the game itself through your network (so you can see the map etc) before the Fan View button is visible.

Pinging this in the hope it gets noticed, the problem Anna pointed out is still an issue.
“…where a rider is shown as riding in the same world, but I can’t see the fan view button (+ ride on and whatever the third one is) on their profile in Companion. A bit of a pain when you are supposed to DS a team and you can’t see any of them.”