Fan View Not Working

Tried today on Windows PC, iPhone Companion app, and Fan View is not working. It appeared to attempt a fan view, as all the riders around me would disappear, but then nothing…and the riders around me returned.

Hi @Dave_Konicek, thanks for your submission! I’m Norman from Zwift. Sorry about the issues with Fan Viewing, let’s roll up our sleeves and hunt down the source of this.

This also describes what happens when you lose internet connection for one second, do you have an always reliable connection? You could try troubleshooting from this article and check if the issue happens again.

Does that mean that Fan View eventually started working as it should? If everything went well afterward, it could be that the world was loading, and that’s why you saw some resource or graphical depreciation for a bit.

The riders would only disappear when I clicked the fan view button, as if it was trying to move me to Makuri Islands. But I was never moved to that world, never got to fan view, and I remained in Watopia, then riders around me reappeared, like the fan view attempt had ceased, and I could continue my free ride in Watopia.
I don’t think it’s an internet dropout issue, as it only happened when I clicked Fan View, and other than that, my activity went smoothly. I have a hard wired connection to PC with 1 GBps upload and download.

Hey @Norman I’ve had a short discussion in the topic about update 1.64 and I think the issue is resolved.