Fan view on iOS won't work

I can see my friends who are riding through the iOS app but when I click on them and then click Fan View it doesn’t change over to them.  Any suggestions?

Hi Chris, 

That is very unusual problem, can you please make sure you are running the latest version (1.6). If not you will have to delete your current app and reinstall. This should fix the issue. Let us know how it went! 

Thank you


after reinstalling the app works well.



Great news! 

Ride On!

Unfortunately I am having the same issues with my Macbook Air and iPhone… I deleted and reinstalled the app, searched out a buddy I wanted to “fan view”, clicked the button and nada… Any other work arounds? Everything’s up to date.

I have same issue.

If “fan” is not in the “nearby riders” list, clicking the button has no effect.

It can be clear if you try selecting the “dots” on the map in new mobileLink app.