Zwifters Nearby list doesn't autoscroll

The ‘Zwifters Nearby’ has been broken for me for several weeks and I know many others have mentioned it in group rides / races. I have just updated to 1.42 and the issue remains.

The main issue is once I get to the top of the list I stay there forever, unless I scroll it manually. This is a real pain in a small front group in a race. Here’s a video of it happening: zwifters nearby bug - YouTube - as I slip back through the field I stay at the top.

Also at the start I usually don’t even appear in the list unless I scroll to find myself and sometimes it randomly scrolls off somewhere else.

Yep, we’re aware of this and are working on a fix.

I don’t have a timescale yet.


yes this is very annoying, and I’m surprising more people aren’t complaining about it in the forums. I think it got broken within the past few releases.

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Various complaints, like in this topic (it’s not only in events though)

Still experiencing this problem on 1.43 on PC. Thank you for working on a fix.