I’d like to be able to jump to a specific rider on the just watch function rather than a random.

E.g. If someone I’m following is racing why can’t I choose to watch?

On the right hand side when you’re riding in Zwift, you’ll see a list of Zwifters nearby. You can select their name and then you’ll be watching that Zwifter.

Zwift support staff should go into politics as they have a tendency to answer a different question to the one posted!

So I will ask again. I would like the watch feature to allow following a specific rider. This means being able to jump to a specific rider by a search etc. Not using the nearby rider function as this is so random with thousands of riders it is impossible to find a friend or particular person.

For example being able to watch a rider in a race of interest.

I’m very sorry as I didn’t fully understand, that was my mistake.

There isn’t a function to be able to jump to a specific rider, other than choosing the Zwifters nearby. I do agree it’s a good idea, and I’ve put in my vote.

You could choose the option to ride with a friend, and then click their name on the Nearby Zwifters list to watch them that way.

Again, my apologies for misunderstanding your request.

Ride On!