Find Friends offline

It would be great if we could add friends that are not currently on-line. 

Am struggling to find out how you can follow friends that are on strava/garmin connect, would be great if there was an easy way to connect with zwift users who you also follow or who follow you on strava.

Yes good idea. 

Yes please! It’s nearly impossible to find friends you know and be able to follow them so that you know they’re online when riding. I periodically open the zwift app and look from time to time, but it’s really difficult,

If we could simply do a search and are able to follow them would be a great improvement!

Agreed, it took my an hour to find my husband, still can’t find other friends who use the program.  How hard could this feature be? 

The ability to share a link to your profile would be helpful for this kind of thing.

Nickname’s would also be good, so we could have a shortcut url.

I too would like to know how to add strava friends who i know also use zwift.  How can I easily find and follow them.

It looks like we have several similar request… Here some of my 2c I mentioned in the other threads:

Given the connectivity with Strava, I was hoping for Find/Follow your Strava friends.

Currently to follow someone on the phone, it seems that they HAVE to be on Zwift riding at that particular moment.

I would like to find my Strava friends (that are on zwift) regardless if they are online or not, be able to follow them, and then get notifications once they start riding. That’d be sweet.

There is a feature request: 

Go vote for it!

There are several (including this one!). However, seemingly this is THE one:

Vote there.