Rider search / Friends list

I know other Zwift riders that I would like to follow (e.g. teammates!) but can’t search the Zwift rider list to add them. Pretty glaring omission for an otherwise nice tool.

zwift, ci sono novità a riguardo la ricerca di amici o di creare un gruppo di amici?


Integration with strava connected users list would’ve be nice


When I’m riding by myself, I warm up and then start watching for someone to catch me with my target watts/kg.  I would not want the current display of riders near me to go away or be “stale”. This is a critical function of Zwift. I don’t ride with friends often due, I just hop on, warm up, and look for people with a compatible pace to ride with.

But I would also like to find friends and be able to join them with the push of a button.




Ps: Update the phone app already… it’s worthless when not tied into the computer

Other than that all the peeps at the “Zwift Comand Center”…  keep up the good work !

That’d be rad


+1 - being able to view a friend riding would be good news to add interaction and encouragement.

I think this is the most important issue that Zwift need to address quickly. Here is what I would like to see:

  1. When you first log on, you should be able to see a list of the riders you follow, in addition to the list of everyone who is on. Scrolling through a thousand riders is tough. 

  2. You should have the ability to join that rider (which we already do) but that rider should be notified that someone has asked to ride with them. If they accept, they will be given the option of “join me” or “join them.” In either case, each rider would be put next to each other in a stationary position and on the same course so they can begin together.  

  3. You should have the ability to invite a rider to join you at your point in the ride, and vice-versa. Again, you  (or they) would have to be stopped. 

  4. In the app, you should have the option to find and join a rider you want to ride with. This would require them to stop an wait, but as I said above, they could accept or decline. 

  5. ALso in the app, if you are on a group ride and a rider you know wants to join after it has started, you should be able to add them to the event and give them a head start so they can integrate. 



An old item, but can we split those on ZWIFT who are doing a ride v a run as a search criteria, and even better colour heatmap those who run in a range near my 5k pace, no real point befriending a runner ill never be able to keep up with