Teams/Guilds/Groups and chat windows.

I like Zwift and I expect it to get huge as time goes by. Especially during the winter months.

In almost every online game, there are groups of some sort available. Most MMORPGs have guilds which would be akin to a race team. But they also have groups which would be like a group ride.

One of the local bike shops has a trainer ride once or twice a week in the winter. With Zwift, they could still have that but also have a Zwift group. You log in, look for the group and jump in with the group.

Also as in MMPRPGs, there are different chat windows with filters. There are typically ones like general, Guild/Team, and Group chat windows.

I see Zwift making a big difference in my Winter trainer riding habits. No more staring at the wall mindlessly pedaling listening to music or the trainer hum.

I’m also a long time MMO player, and I think this suggestion is a MUST-HAVE for Zwift to emphasize the social aspect of the platform.  It can start with an “invite” hotkey that pulls up the rider list (sorted by proximity) & you can then start inviting people to a group. Groupmates would be identified with a marker of some sort at the top of their heads. Perhaps a max size of 6-10 group mates?  Also the marker (on top of your groupmates) would only be visible to you, so it doesn’t have to be a different marker for every group. 

Eventually add in team leader boards and team challenges within the team and between teams.

Individual leader boards as well