Looking for team for Zwift running league

I don’t know anyone IRL that uses Zwift, and I mainly train alone. To sogn-up for the Zwift racing league you need a team of 3-4 people. I don’t see an option to search for a team that needs people or how to find people.

Any other loners out there looking to join a running team for the new season that starts this week?

I am not able to post links, but info is on the WTRL website.

www dot wtrl.racing/zwift-running-league/#intro

I would be interested to join or start a team. I’m relatively new to Zwift (5months or so) and have found it difficult to find people. Been searching last two days for Facebook groups etc.

I started a team, but have no teammates. Can send you the Zwift race link, depending on timezone and your preferred time to run.

Yes of course, send the link. Due to work, I can’t be on Zwift after 3:30pm on Fridays. We will still need to find a third member but its a good start.

I’m teamless

Let’s change that, I’m still waiting for JB_Jones to tell us his team name :slightly_smiling_face:

What time zone are you in? Rules appear that whole team has to run in the same race. I’m in EST and choose the 6am slot if that time doesn’t work.

Team name is Powered by Chocolate, but looks like we can start a new team if we get 3 people.

I’m in the UK. 5hrs in front of you so your 6am is my 11am which is perfect

I’m in the UK so I’m cool with that time too, it doesn’t matter what the team is called. I did a search for the team in zwiftpower but doesn’t show up, can see it in wtrl league standings though.

Followed you both in Zwift Companion App

Hi, I’m late to this post but do you still have room on your team?

Yes definitely. As soon as I get the new link from WTRL for the sign-up for Friday I will share it with this group.

Looking forward to it :+1:

See updates below. Looks like it is a relay and I can find a way to send this group a direct message. We need 3 people use the link at the bottom and choose b pen.

You’ll need 3 team members on the start line for the relay race and each one will complete their 2km stint, one after the other. Please ensure team members do not leave the pen until the team mate in front has completed their leg of the race.

You can place an additional team member in the pen if you wish to act as a coach or reserve in-case of difficult BUT only 3 of your team members can cross the start line.

Once you click on the link you will be taken through WTRL’s website where you will be identified by the Zwift ID stored in you WTRL profile (you may need to login) and the data encoded in the link thus updating our race database. This all happens in the blink of an eye before automatically forwarding you on to either Zwift or the Zwift Companion App where all you need to do is select the start pen for your teams division.

Link to sign up. The forum won’t let me add links, so link below:

Www dot wtrl dot racing/zwift/zwiftsignon.php?id=K2JDdU1OeUFzaEN4L2VzYklPUlh4dz09

Cheers @JB_Jones I am in via the link and information above, hopefully @Stuart.Middlecoate and @Nickki_Lewis can get in too :+1:

You should be able to post links now.

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I’m in. :grin:

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Thank you, just made profile and trying to join team but it doesn’t redirect to any page and won’t let me search for you guys. I’m sorry I’m new to all of this and especially the community side of it.

Don’t worry @Nickki_Lewis there will be a new link for us for next Fridays race which @JB_Jones will post when he gets it.

Are you signed up to Zwiftpower?

Try this link for tomorrow’s run.