Team for ZRL Season 2

I’m looking to either start or join a category A team for the WTRL Zwift Racing League season 2 in the America East time slot.

If anyone is interested in joining or already has a team in need of members, please let me know. I may have one other interested at this point as well.


P.S. I know this could be posted on the ZRL facebook page, but I have somehow avoided joining FB this long I don’t really want to start now. :slight_smile:

Glad it’s not just me that finds it hard to join race teams by not being on Facebook

Hard pass on Facebook for me as well. It makes it difficult not only to join WTRL but also following random Zwift teams that sponsor group rides and races. It would really rock if somehow Zwift could mirror those pages.

Whenever something like this comes up (not terribly often, but not never) I have an internal monologue: “Do I want this THING, or do I not want to join facebook?”. Thus far it’s always been the later.

But back to the discussion at hand: Who wants to race?