How to join ZRL team?

I would like to join a ZRL team but not sure how to? Do I simply join a team that is actively recruiting? Any tips and advice are welcome. I have WTRL account but cannot figure it out.

If you are on Facebook, posting on a few of the groups focused on Racing (Zwift Racers and one of the WTRL pages) will likely get you plenty of responses.

You will probably get a few here too, but not as many.

Post a link to your Zwiftpower profile and also mention your preferred timezone as everyone will ask. Looking at WTRL web site, it seems loads of teams are recruiting for the ZRL.


Thanks Iv just joined them as Iā€™m looking to get into a team too to push myself

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Looks like your name is DIRT affiliated. If you get in touch with them they normally run 50+ teams and would surely be able to fit you in.