ZRL for Noobs

Can anyone explain to me (A total ZRL noob though not a total Zwift noob) how ZRL actually works and how you can setup your own team / what you have to do to make it work please?

Unfortunately you’re too late to set up your own team for this season - you have to get it registered before the first race of the season - so you’ll have to wait until the next one starting in about March/April if you want to do that.

However you can still join someone else’s team if you want to race in the current season. You’ll need to create a ZwiftPower account (you may already have done this) and also an account on the WTRL website. Once you’ve got both of those, if you go to Zwift Racing League - WTRL, you can look at the list of teams that are already registered and filter them by the Category you race in (e.g. A,B,C,D) and the timezone they are riding in that is most suitable for you. There will then be a column showing which teams are still looking for new riders (Recruiting?).

At that point it becomes a bit more tricky - you need to speak to someone on that team to ask them if you can ride for them, which may be possible to do by messaging them if their team has a Facebook page or contact details on the team’s ZwiftPower page, or (long shot) try to follow one of them in Zwift itself and try to reach out to them while riding? Not sure what the best route to take here I’m afraid.

Hopefully someone will eventually add you as a rider to their squad and then from there they can best explain the process of how they pick their teams each week. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply.- great advice to join a team and learn by doing. Will take a look at the link.

The concept to me seems great but i can’t for the life of me understand how the logistics of picking teams, scoring and knowing when to race etc work

Even as a team captain myself I can’t help that much with how teams are best picked, as our method is to post on our chat thread a few days before a) “who’s available?” and b) “who thinks this course suits them?” The answers to those questions normally pretty much narrows it down to 6 riders fairly quickly!

Plus we only have two riders that are likely to compete for sprint or KOM prime points (and they’ll ride every week that they are available), while the rest of us are just a rotating cast aiming to cross the finish line in as high a position as possible (as a not-great rider, my personal target is to get inside the top 50 for example). We find it is typically better points-wise to have six riders enter and finish even if some of them are trailing round at the back, than be a team-mate or two short.