Looking for a team for WTLR Racing League

Until now I have only done group rides and group workouts. My category is C. Now I would like to start competing. I have seen very interesting things on WTRL although I don’t know how it works exactly.

I think you need an invitation to join a team to compete. Is that so? I would like to find some team and start doing things in WTRL. I have already registered on the WTRL Website.

I apologize for not knowing very well how this works (I am a runner). But I would like to start competing, although with humility

I hope someone can inform me.

it is a team event. if you have facebook, WTRL have a group dedicated to ZRL there and you can make a post there asking for a team to join, that’s the easiest way.

a lot of teams are always looking for more riders so you can be sure you will get a few offers, just go with the one that appeals to you the most and they’ll handle things for you from there. be sure to include what time zone you would prefer to race in (there are loads of time slots, especially for european riders), preferred language if english is not your first language (there are english speaking but also danish, spanish, german, french etc teams too) and your category

and a personal opinion: there are numbered divisions… most are great as far as community spirit goes, but avoid racing in division 1 if you can help it. nothing good or holy happens there

Thank you very much for your response, your information has been very valuable to me. I don’t use Facebook but I have already started it to make the post as you indicate.

About your personal opinion: thank you very much, it is very important for those of us who are new to Zwift or in my case not so new although I have never competed. You say that there are numbered divisions and to avoid racing in division 1. How do you know the division number of each team? (I haven’t understood this, sorry).
Greetings and thank you very much