Race Leagues

Hi all! Are there any individual race Leagues for lower category riders? Would be really interested in joining something like this and propping up the table :joy:

Hi @Dan_Dan1

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check out the ZRL. WTRL has races for A to D categories.

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Thanks Gerrie! I’ve signed up but it looks like I need to sign up for a team? Sorry I’m really new to zwift and a bit of a tenchophobe. How do I sign up for the races and join a team? I presume the results are on the WTRL as well as zwift power?

you can find teams on the wtrl fb group.

But most racing has A to D categories.

Hi Dan - I cant do the ZRL league (I cant commit to a team) but love racing. I recently found Sweatfest series which concludes today actually, and they will put another series starting either next week or week after I believe, which I’ll do. https://www.sweatfestracing.com/ will give some clues as to how they run these.

I’m really addicted to the leagues now, and I have seen a fair few other leagues around that I would have considered if Sweatfest hadn’t been as good as it is for me. If you are on FB, keep an eye on the Zwift Racers group as leagues are often advertised there. I’ll keep an eye on some and add any here if I remember over the next few days too.

Hi Dean. That sounds brilliant. I don’t have facebook but I’ve noticed it’s a public page so I can at least keep checking and sign up if they start next week/the week after. Look forward to racing against you!

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@Dan_Dan1 I only resurrected my FB for cycling - too many IRL gravel/mtb rides are managed through it damn it!

Anyway, here’s one below I just caught on FB, Also SZR have a Xmas Smashfest starting tomorrow for 5 weeks - No cat’s for a/b/c’s so just good ole race against everyone. I was going to do it but doing a big IRL gravel ride tomorrow. Search for it in Zwifthacks