Zwift Racing League [August 2023]

It’s time to rally your crew for Zwift Racing League!

Make sure you register your team by September 9th to get in all four rounds. Registering for Round 1 will auto-enroll you into Round 2-3 and the final. Racing starts on September 12th. To learn more, check out the WTRL Racing League Rules..

Not sure where to start?

  • Make sure you have signed up for ZwiftPower and create your WTRL account.
  • You will need to use a power sensor to transmit power to the game. If you use a “classic trainer” or virtual power, you can still race in B, C, D categories but points will be cut in half.
  • Heart rate monitor is required
  • Get a few races under your belt before joining a team. This helps so you know what category you can enter. We recommend checking out ZRacing Monthly Missions :wink:

Looking to create a team?
New teams can register now. Teams must have at least 4 riders nominated before registration closes April 1, and you can have up to 12 riders nominated for your team. Again, see the ruleset for details.

Want to race but don’t have a team?
You can find a list of teams recruiting riders by visiting WTRL Teams. When you find a team you want to join, you can contact the team or simply post your info on the Facebook group to have teams contact you.

Missed Round 1? No worries, sign up so you can join starting with Round 2!!!

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WTRL is saying 3 rounds plus finals, is it going to be 4 rounds this year? Or just calling finals a round?

Hey @calfzilla - Thanks for the catch. I have updated the post

I posted this on the WTRL Facebook page but it bears repeating here since Zwift has contracted WTRL to administer the flagship racing series.

My initial post:
As before, the FIVE hour gap between Asia East and EMEAE East start times means the riders on the US west coast have a choice of 0430 and 0930. And then all of the EMEAE zones have 15 minute spacing. This is incomprehensible! There a large number of US Pacific time zone riders who would like to race in the morning and they cannot. Again. Makes no sense.

WTRL’s reply:
Mark Crane, we have never had any demand from pacific coasters for early-morning races. Those that have operated in the past have not been very well attended.

My reply to WTRL:
I’m pretty surprised to hear this. When was the last time you had a reasonable PDT morning start? You’ve had the 15 minute spacing for the ten (10!) EMEAE zones for years and I’ve not seen a 0530 or 0630 WTRL start EVER. I used to get into the odd 0430 race (I’m thinking it was the first Category Enforcement races) but it was not an easy start time when I was working. I’m retired now and even less likely make that time but have no interest in riding after 9am because that doesn’t fit into my daily schedule now. Looks like we’ll run something else then.
I’m pretty sure you could space one of those ten races into that five hour slot and people would come. I know it’s been more than three years since there has been a WTRL race starting in the area of 0630.

Their final response:
We’ve added an Atlantic West League which has a 6:30am Mountain Time/5:30am Pacific Time start. Hopefully there will be enough teams signup to make it possible. EMEA leagues starting every 15 minutes is probably not enough since the EMEA region makes up the bulk of Zwift Racing League in terms of numbers. 3 years ago, it started with just 4 leagues.

So now we’ll see. I’m hopeful this new start time will get some traction and show WTRL they need to get some better spread in the start times.

I’m looking for an A team to join or maybe start up. Other than the odd CE race a coupla years ago, I’ve not raced any WTRL events. Those CE races were much less than stellar in terms of how they managed the category enforcement considering that was the end product. I remain hopeful things have improved.


Do Zwift have any plans to run this themselves rather than outsource it in the future? reason for this is that quite a bit of information for these events gets posted on the wtrl facebook page, of which many people are banned from reading due to various reasons which I will refrain from going into.


Looks like you have date from last Round.

Also can you confirm if this ZRL will be using pack dynamics 4.1 ?

As soon as it goes live they won’t have a choice.

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hopefully that’s the case before zrl then

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There’s another new rule as well in the handbook (if anyone has a link to said new rulebook please share, this stuff is harder to find than it should be [I’m only able to find the one up to Finals '22/'23], as pointed out by ZI and I confirmed this with WTRL on facebook yesterday).

ALL RACERS must ensure their Cat Enforcement is up to date; which means EVERYONE must have two “race” events on Zwift sometime between mid June and end of August.
(My impression from WTRL’s response on facebook is these don’t have to be actual race events, but high threshold efforts to ensure your CE is up to date and weed out sandbaggers, or people that would be upgraded the first week)

Team leaders; make sure your summer time outdoor riders are aware of this NEW rule; as it is likely to throw many people off; especially due to the timing of it.

As this is greatly affecting some of my teammates, I’m sure it will many others; but it would be a shame to have to forfeit the initial weeks of the round.

If it’s anything like previous seasons you have to have ridden enough to get a category. ideally a couple 20-30 max efforts i’d say easy to get done between now and the start.

Two issues though.

Some take it easy enough to get a category with the intention of sandbagging zrl.

Others genuinely have no intention but find themselves DQ 2 weeks into the season so i would advise it’s on team captains to be confident that riders are placed in the right category.

Review your riders data. If they were a B before summer they are unlikely to be a D/C now so best get to race or you’ll have the headache when they upgrade.


Looking for a new C team for the ZRL 2023-24 season is anyone is in need and it fits my schedule.

What is your schedule like. we would have space emea and american evenings. If interested hop on our discord and we can have a chat Rhino Racing

Thanks for the reply. I am in EDT time zone and I am available for times between 8am and 1:30pm Toronto time. I am in this for fun and fitness.

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