Zwift racing league problem

I’ve been on zwift for years now. I hate the zwift racing league events because they always have a lot of people registered for the race, I get excited to join but then once opening the event I can’t join because it says restricted only. You must get link from zwift racing league.

So I go the website to register a team, nope, registration closed for season. I try to join a already made team. I receive a long application pdf to join teams as if I’m going for a job application. This is insane, just to race in events to stay in shape?

The racing league is good idea but it shouldn’t prevent other users from racing.

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Join the WTRL ZRL facebook page; teams are always looking for riders, and vice versa.

Just say what time zone you want to race at, and what Cat you are, and it’s likely someone will pick you up.

You aren’t being prevented; you just need to read a little deeper into the function of ZRL itself; it’s not an open, free for all series; it’s a team based series with structure.

There shouldn’t be any “application” as far as joining a team goes; it should just be a link you click and that’s it, you’re joined.
Unless of course, some team manager / captain runs it that way, but that’s on them; not all teams are like that.

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Lol, I’m some team manager who ruins things with a Google form. It’s not an application but is an onboarding form.

Unfortunately there’s a little bit more to it than clicking one link. Managers need to collect information and confirm a variety things to put a team together to conform to ZRL rules and to ensure captains can DS effectively… Zwift IDs to make sure people are in the correct Category for the team, confirm that riders are signed up on Zwiftpower and are registered on WTRL, have equipment that won’t result in automatic point deductions, etc. We also need to collect email addresses and Discord handles to ensure we can communicate efficiently.

It’s a little bit of effort on the front end (probably takes 3 minutes to complete) but it saves oodles of time chasing folks around individually later. These forms, in my case at least, aren’t meant to be hurdle but to facilitate a more organized and enjoyable experience throughout the season.

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Only teasing; trust me I’m all familiar this year so far with the nightmare that it is just captaining a single team and trying to keep things organized with sister teams; it’s a mess!

My general point was that… every team is very unique in how they handle onboarding, and generally everything else as well; so if it seems like “too much work” at face value… look for another team!

Sounds like you run a far tighter ship than ours though, we plug holes with whatever is lying around :joy:

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True, more than one way to skin a cat. (Why is that an expression?)

Also, my apologies. I misread “runs” as “ruins” in your post, which surely says something about me. :laughing:

Good luck herding your cats in Round 3!:heart:


well brother, community racing really took a lot of effort from individual riders right from the start. zwift wasn’t created with racing in mind… people who wanted to race had to organise everything, promote everything, moderate everything. things are a little easier for riders now, but fundamentally, it’s really just that kind of community.

on the other hand, for the people who run teams, and organise the events, things haven’t actually gotten much easier at all. it’s good to keep that in mind, because those guys more or less do it for nothing. i mean they get something out of it one way or another, but it’s still a volunteer role