Racing League For Individuals?

Do I have to be on a team to be part of ZRL or is there solo component? If so, is there a leaderboard?

Yes ZRL is a team event so you will have to be part of a team. There is always teams looking for new riders.

If you are interested in a competitive individual race series then look at this. Zwift Classics - WTRL


Thank you Gerrie :slight_smile:

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ZRL is on hiatus until the fall. There are piles of other race series that keep individual standings, including the ‘Classics’.

There are a bunch of the online teams / clubs you can join. Most of the big ones participate in and/or host races & race series all the time.

Grinch I know a team that would like you to join them. :grin:

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I will reach out after I’ve moved. But so you know, I’m a weak D group. Just looking for some fun and whatever progress I can make.

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