Starting a team

Hi I’ve set a team up for a few friends , put the name “NWS” on our zwiftpower profiles , my question is do I need to do anything else ?
Also interested in putting a few events onto the schedule if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it .

As far as making a team you should be all set. Perhaps, you can setup a Facebook page and have all the members race under the team name (change last name). If you want to pick out a singular kit to ride in do so. 

You picked a great time to setup a ride! There are more slots open in the North America summer months as opposed to Winter. So secure a weekly slot now if you can and start zwifting. Message Zwift and just mention you want to setup a ride. They will put you in touch with the team that sets up events. 

Ride On!


We are a group of people that was planing to make a team. What do I do next to set up a team?

And we would like to design a jersey as well. What do we need to do?

I would go to Zwift power website to get that organized. On meetopia you can set a team up as well but I do not see alot of ppl use that site anymore. 

Have all your teammates reg on Zwift Power under same team name, link Strava, etc.

Unless youre signing up for CVR series. They have a site to setup on as well. But I would still make a team on Zwift power. 

As far as jerseys, Zwift does not do that unless its for a professional team or a major event etc. Its because it take alot of energy away from IT guys to focus on a smaller segment of interest. If that makes sense.

Ride On! We need more team tactics!