I want to join a zwift team but idk where to start looking

I saw the list of Zwift teams on Zwift power, but I feel overwhelmed by the number of teams there. Can someone give me a rundown of what kind of teams exist on Zwift? My goal is to find a tight knit community and friendly atmosphere (NA timezone preferably) with riders I can look up to.
Any other advice would be nice too, thanks!

First thing is don’t listen to the recruiting rubbish you see on fb.
We all do the same thing… race… have fun…

You are NA so will want a team who races in you time zone, Zwiftpower is useful for that.

Then it’s what you want from a team, a good team will have their own series, group rides and meet ups on the platform. Some will also meet IRL when possible and have their own kit. It has to be more than racing but a community side to it as well. With that you will find a good friendly atmosphere, usually some great characters and help and support when needed.

What sort of races do you want to do, can the team support that, there is a lot to think about… but remember… no contracts here… if you find one, try it and it dosen’t work out… leave…

Talk to people in the team and hopefully they will give you an honest assessment of the team and what they can do for you.

I can tell you all about my team if you want and there are many others who can tell you about theirs… then it’s up to you to decide…


+1 to the above but also looking on WTRL site is convenient if you want to know who regularly races the TTTs and ZRL races in your time zone.