ZRL Team joining

I want to join a ZRL team ideally cat C on Oceana time but I cannot join through WTRL website so I’ve put up this to say I need a team. I can post my zwiftpower if I need to.

Why can’t you join through WTRL? Tech problem or choice?

Are you on facebook then Redirecting... is a good place to post you are looking for a team. Other best option might be to reach out to some of the teams in that time zone.

Some use discord only which could work so let us know if you are still looking.

If you are able to race emea zones then there will be loads of times including myself should have probably 3 teams.

You have to be invited to a team - you need to contact a club and work out a spot.

I have discord but not facebook so what teams can i join through that?

I joined mine by choosing a team (a team not a ZRL team) on ZwiftPower and then once in discussing ZRL on their discord. Most of the large teams are recruiting all the time (some elite teams are more selective)

We have space depending on timezone and cat if you are interested join us at DISCORD.IO | Rhino Racing and we can see if that works. tag me @Gordon once on

Otherwise i can suggest a couple of the huge clubs that will be likely have teams in more zones.

I need an Australian timezone if you know any available slots that are available and preferably in C cat but I might be able to get away with B as well if there are no other options

Australian evening time zone? or the likes of American zones would be morning for you.

See attached chart to figure out which zones you can do.

I on Thursday and Friday can do the 5pm Oceana Sydney zone and on weekends I am able to do the Sydney 9:30am-11:45am zones.

Zrl races are all on Tuesday for the next 6 weeks. Can you races Tuesdays?