ZRL Round 3, Looking for team

Hi All, I’m really wanting to race in the ZRL starting in January 2023, although I don’t have a team… it looks like most teams actively recruit through Facebook, I don’t have FB so that makes it hard to find a team… I’m a high end Cat B looking to race America’s West zone, and I should have no problem making all the races in the series, I’m dependable! I’ll post a link to my Zwift power below, my race ranking is pretty low right now because i haven’t been racing much recently, but in the summer I was down in the 160s race ranking. Let me know if I can fill a spot on your team, or if you know an alternative method to finding teams other than Facebook, any help is appreciated.

Edit: guess I can’t post a link to my Zwift power, here’s my zpower # at the end of the URL, hope that helps 3771491

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Hi @TFlee, welcome to the forums!

I also dont use facebook, but was able to join a team by posting on discord on the DIRT team server and was quickly added to a team. Do you use discord, it’s almost a requirement for ZRL?

Another thing you could try would be to log into your WTRL account and pick a

region, category, and division + optional gender and then see which teams might be recruiting and send a join request.

e.g. Oceania E, Mens/Mixed, B, division 1…

I would like to try the ZRL season 3, but I have no facebok account.
I’m also looking for a team to do these run. I’m B category based on my FTP test (but a little B :slight_smile: )
I’m a able to be connected between 18h to 20h (6pm to 8pm) from France.

Do you have a team name that recruiting for this event ?
Can I join a team not in my European region ?
Does I need to create account on ZRL website ?

Thank you

Yes I joined Cryo-Gen, if you Google, you can find the email address to request to join.