Asba Cape Epic Workout Event Times

This seems to be a common complaint for all time zones and the EST is no exception. We need to have more events on the calendar for these special events. I won’t be able to participate in this event, like so many others because of the times available. Is it possible to just run these events every 2 hours to accommodate all time zones? Attendance may be lacking in some, but I think overall attendance would be higher.

Thank you for your consideration. Zwift is awesome!

If you can’t be there, you can’t be there.
For me it’s the same with the Vätternrundan Events, that are all on 9:30am

Its a shame that riders living on the course in South Africa wont be able to participate either thanks to the times. Spacing out events by 12hours would allow anyone to ride with a little bit of planning.

As much as I appreciate your helpful responses, I just thought putting a few extra times on the schedule wouldn’t be that difficult and would make it more convenient for people like myself that can’t make those times.

I agree with the OP. This is the second time in my year on Zwift where I received an email advertising a new event, only to then discover the times of this event don’t come close to aligning with my free time. Too bad, too, since this workout really seemed interesting.

I am curious how Zwift decides on times for various events. Are they designing these based on how well-attended the events will be? As there is no leader it seems even if a low number attended the game’s automation could handle it.

Or is there some architecture limit (only a set number of events may run during any given hour)?

You may already be aware of these, but if not:

  1. the entire workout series is in zwift workouts under mountain biking. Ride solo any day / time.
  2. “whats on zwift” website workout pages list the entire series adjusted to your ftp so you can see whats in store for you - all on one page:

@super_Lowpoke The available workout series is from 2019 and not the current one.

The question is: will the 2020 workouts are available at zwift workouts and if they will be available when will it be.