ABSA Cape Epic Workout Series

@Vincent: a lot of times the community gives Zwift HQ some hard times for bugs and issues.

Today, the “ABSA Cape Epic Workout Series” for mountain bikers has been announced. This is awesome!

This post is to say “thank you” to all at Zwift HQ who made this happen.

Ride On!

Thank you Matthias! They’re all very appreciative for any feedback honestly. :slight_smile:

I hope someone can post the workouts so it is possible to doe them outside of the event. I cannot attend all sessions but would like to complete the whole workout series. Simply post them in the training options. Thanks and keep on the good work. Ride on!

The cape epic workout series are scheduled (so far until workout 4). You can see the details of each workout in the companion app. Just take a screenshot on your mobile and then build the workouts with the workout designer. You can do the workout then anytime. In case you missed it, here’s the screenshot of workout 4. :wink:

In todays workout, it was mentioned that the cape epic workout series will become a mtb plan. :+1: But there was no information when the plan will be released.

Matthias, many thanks for the explanation. Will create an individual training and hope the Cape Epic workout series will become a plan for mountainbikers. Maybe ZWIFT can than also think about some MTB tracks :slight_smile:

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I hope you get your workouts done, Sanders :wink: BTW, there is a feature request for MTB tracks and bikes: It's time for MTB and gravel bikes on Zwift

Your vote will help to make this request more visible.

Does anyone have the complete screenshot (% based on ftp) for day one? I missed it yesterday and can‘t find it now. I‘ve saved the other ones already but the first one would be nice.

I mean, the warm up from 44% to 65% is clear since it begins to ramp up on day 3. but afterwards i can just guess :confused:

Ride on!

Thank you very much Matthias :slight_smile:

Spoiler alert: in workout 2 it was mentioned that there will be a new cape epic jersey available some time later… maybe a new mission? :thinking:

Any chance someone has a screenshot of Cape Epic Workout #2? It’s the only one I can’t find. Thanks!

In order to get workout details from the past you can look (in companion app) at the activity feed of a person who attended. Workout leaders are (so far): Kevin Vermack, Patrick Smith, Gareth Harrington, Christo Toua

Select event information, then select the workout graph. This should show the numbers as well.

I contacted whatsonzwift.com to ask them if they could host the workout files until they are officially hosted on zwift. I will put an update here once I have an answer.

Update: there’s not a possibility to host them at the moment on whatsonzwift.

Thanks! Nothing happens when I click on the workout graph in companion app, so I can’t see the duration of each interval, although I could probably estimate.

Amazing, thank you so much! I’m in Canada so the timing of these events doesn’t work out, but wanted to try them since I’m also completing a multi-day stage race.

I think there should be a possibility to download the Workout and safe it as Custom Workout in Zwift!
So each can do it later by him self!


A lot of people are asking currently here or on Strava about doing the workouts since the time of the group workout does not fit them.

Any work done falls usually under copyright laws unless otherwise specified. For example: open data has in most cases a license that says what you can do with the data. But I guess that the ABSA Cape Epic Workouts are not open and fall under copyright law.

Just to clarify this: is it allowed according to the terms and conditions to share zwift workout files or workout descriptions in the forum or on the internet?

Hi Matthias,

Any chance that you can post #5 as well ?

I’m looking for workout nr 6
Is there someone that has this one ?

kind regards

Have you workout #6

I was also not able to do workout #6. However, I verified again if you can see the workout details from a rider who attended. And it works!

Here’s once again how to do it:

  1. Open companion app
  2. In the activity details of a rider, select event (for example: Cape Epic Workout 6)
  3. In the event information section, select event (for example: The Absa Cape Epic Workout Series: #6)
  4. Select the workout graph. This shows the numbers according to your FTP

So, for future and past rides you can see the workout details. Therefore, I deleted the workout details in this post.

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Well, unfortunately for me this doesn’t work. Neither on my iPad nor on my iPhone. Might this be Android restricted or is it something else I’m missing? I can see the graph but there are no numbers anymore. Just the plain graph.