Absa Cape Epic Pro Race

I don’t received a e -mail for the Absa Cape Epic Pro Event,but I ride all four stages.Can anyone help me?

Hello Mattis,
me and my girlfriend facing the same issue. I have send a request to Zwift support but unfortunately no feedback received so far.

Keep you informed

Hey Mattis,
I also completed all 4 stages and I have not yet received the invite to the pro/am race… hoping Zwift support will come to the rescue…
Michael Venter

Has anybody some more news…

Bad luck - would have been so much fun to join today’s pro race


I have clicked at the link and improved my email notifications,but I don`

t get a email for the pro event yet

Got Invitation but cannot joint as I can’t see the event on zwift. Zwift really sucks to organize this kinf of event !

Looks like almost everyone was DQd on zwift power for one reason or other. Mostly it seems it is because it is a race but we had to join cat c I think. Any idea if that will be sorted.


Its not obvious from posts whether anyone has directly asked Zwift to look at this (community forums arent he best place to get action out of Zwift folks) - given it looks like either a mis-configuration or a post-race tidy-up task, I would suggest you folks all jump on an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com - I’m sure they will tidyup this up once they are aware of it.

Edit: @xflintx is this something you can look into?


Would be really nice to do so to get at least some “recognition” after pros passed me just ~500m before finnish line :sweat_smile:


Haha, yeah… I’m starting to feel like that route is jynxed for me! On st4 my HRM battery died, so I got an HRM DQ. Yesterday eve we’re forced to ride cat C, since we’re amateurs, then get UPG DQ because we ride in cat C. :rofl:

Thanks. Have sent the email. Just frustration causing me to come here to see if it was fixed mostly, seems zwift are picking up loads of sponsored events but are not yet capable of supporting them solidly.

Rode the cape epic and the haute route. Even TdZs promised GC ended up being binned and people had glitching. Signing up for the watopia tour, but no longer holding breath for even that group ride to go smoothly.

Will keep plodding along until my niggling injuries allow me to run again, then off to the trails I go :slight_smile:

Email sent.

Link to the other forum post about this issue.

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No update yet.

I think it’s a bit weak. Even the women’s winner is dq’d.

I re-watched the official stream today again with more concentration - the poor speakers had to deal with a steady view on a trailer-hyped Ashley Moolman Pasio who rode solo behind everyone else (honestly: looked like she just chilled on a recovery ride yesterday).
And they got confused with a wrong result list where Caroline Bohé was the winner even if they saw Elisabeth Bandau finish first (who was obviously DQ’d because of WKG …).

Didn’t look as professional as I would expect (or better: would have hoped)

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback!

There are a few things going on with Cape Epic right now:

  • Some folks aren’t seeing the email invites for the pro am event, regardless of if you ticked off all criteria to receive that or not. We should’ve gotten to everyone by now if I’m not mistaken,

  • The results weren’t initially showing correctly, with lots of UPG tags being given out like bags of candy on Halloween. I’ve fixed the race configuration just now so it should be showing correctly in the next few minutes.

We’re doing our best to diffuse the nuance of ZwiftPower throughout the office so that we can all run races, and there are times when we misstep a bit. Fortunately, the results aren’t set in stone.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Thanks for the update and feedback, it is appreciated.

Thanks Flint!
Always good to hear about what’s going on. Enables understanding.

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Totally with you on that one. We’re getting there on learning when and where to communicate with you all, and I at least am personally committed to doing that when and where it makes the most sense. Sometimes, things are just too up in the air to give an update, as it would only confuse and muddy the waters further. I’m not looking for a perfectly polished response every time, just the clearest one when it’s available.

I can promise you, what goes on here gets read regularly. I’m acutely aware of the community sentiment around ZwiftPower at the moment. We’re watching

Why you gotta be so creepy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for fixing this