Absa Cape Epic confirmation email

Has anyone received a confirmation email saying they have completed all 4 stages and been entered into the prize draw or even an invitation to the pro/am race as mentioned on the web page?

Nope! Only got an email after completing Stage 1… :man_shrugging:

Had pencilled the Pro/Am into my calendar for Wednesday this week, but can’t see an event in Zwift, and it’s not much use for planning my week!


I had the same query, I only got an email after stage one. Nothing else. It’s confusing.

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I came here hoping to find the same thing as I haven’t received any info so far either.

At least I’ve got the fancy new paint job on my Spark in-game which is something.

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Same here. Only 1 email after Stage 1. The race is supposed to happen tomorrow and we don’t even know the time.
Very unprofessional. Much disappointed.

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I finished also all race stages plus the podcast ride…and now they cancelled me the Bologna Time Trial :/…(started in the Open class accidentally) .that’s not ok. There’s no disqualification sign or anithing else that could explain that. :woozy_face:

Unfortunately it does appear something has gone awry with this event.

I presume that Zwift are aware of the issue just we have had no feedback.

I am deciding if I bother to raise a support ticket. Although I feel I will just be waiting days for a response telling me what I already know.

I completed all 4 stages, but didn’t got any e-mail or whatsoever.
I always signed up in Cat C, but one race I suddenly started in Cat A and couldn’t change it.

Replying to myself as I find information on facebook
“The Virtual Absa Cape Epic Pro-Am will take place at 8pm SAST with all invitations being sent our by Zwift today, once they have gone through all participants.”

Zwift need to improve communication on this kind of event …

Well I did raise a support ticket and promtly received a reply. Unfortunately it was nothing that I did not already know and not really any new information.

For info the click here links are:


Well that’s helpful - a ‘mail entry’ needs to be post-marked yesterday…! :laughing:

Did you follow up as the issue has indeed persisted?!

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If it’s any consolation, I haven’t received anything either. I had similar problems with not receiving the Haute Route email.

Hey guess what I have just received an email that I have completed all 4 stages and have an invite to race with the pros.

WOWSERS - ME TOO!!! :partying_face:

They obviously fed the hamster that runs in the wheel that generates the power for ZHQ!

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I’m in :blush: but what about bike, can you choose one from you own or is it fixed?

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Guess it could be the same as was applied to the stages, has to be a MTB but of your choice.