Absa Cape Epic

Hi. In ZwiftPower I am not able to see myself in the Absa Cape Epic 2021 Overall standings. Why is that? And will I still be able to win the Scott Spark IRL bike if I do every race, but my profile isn´t showing up in the overall standings?


Hi @Andreas_Gomez_evalds I was in the 23:30 race on Monday and even though the race itself shows on ZwiftPower, it is not represented in the overall standing, which have not been updated for 3 days now, also no idea why, yet interested to know as well. Good luck with the TT, Guy

The GC won’t be updated until all the Stage 2 events have been completed. That’s why it’s only showing one stage done now. I have no idea why the OP hasn’t been listed though. Another one of those Zwiftpower things…

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The leaderboard has just been updated and this time my first stage is on there, I guess yours is as well. Have a good one, Guy

My 2nd stage results aren’t showing (but others are), Any reasons for that?

I guess this is going to be a repeat of the Haute Route GC nightmare where the Absa Cape Epic GC standings never update properly after the first day… :sob:

Stage 3 is done and dusted and we still don’t have an updated GC. Last update is 4 days old.

Will they be updating the GC leaderboard or is it just going to be forgotten about?

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This is embarrassing for Zwift and Cape Epic Sponsors…


It’s been updated :+1:


Problem is it was updated midway into stage 4. They really need to update at the end of every stage… not every wave that would be dreaming. So much potential

Why isnt Stage 4 through Sunday eve? Every other stage was available two full days and since I also have a life, I missed the last stage because I trusted the dates found with Google. (Which shows all sorts of conflicting info) Zwift, you really seem like you are a couple of guys working out of a garage. Everything from having to create a zwiftpower account to get results, to the madness of the racing leagues, to the lack of being able to change courses without closing the program is all rubbish.

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Hi, I’ve done all 4 stages but do you have informations on
- Knockout Stage 3 or Stage 4 to unlock a custom paint job. Don’t see this on my garage
- Complete all four stages for an entry to [SCOTT Spark] as well as an invite to the Absa Cape Epic Pro/Am race on March 17th . There is a race tomorrow but no informations/mail at least for the hour ? …

Replying to myself as I find information on facebook
“The Virtual Absa Cape Epic Pro-Am will take place at 8pm SAST with all invitations being sent our by Zwift today, once they have gone through all participants.”

Zwift need to improve communication on this kind of event …

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Nice one on finding the information :+1: and letting us know.

Found responses to all my questions .
you unlock the virtual paintjob for the Scott Spark when complete Stage 3 or 4. So when you “purchase” the bike on Zwift, you can then apply the custom paint.
So I just buy the frame (level 17 - 418,900 Drops) and it’s OK the paint job is here.