GC List of Cape Epic

Hello Zwifters,

I got Zwift some days ago and signed up for the Cape epic.
Because I didn‘t know how many Watts I can do, I signed in a cat too low and got DQ.
I rode a second time (now in the right cat).
But I‘m still not listed in the GC.

Did I miss some other signing in for the GC or is the DQ valid not only for my first try but for the General Classification?


Looks like only Stage 1 has been processed for GC. Maybe wait till Stage 2 is complete. You’ll know they are processed when GC leaders have 2 events next to their names.

there’s a link on the Zwift event page for the Cape Epic

Thanks for your help!

Today I rode the second Stage, which was taken into GC.
Unfortunatly the others have already two stages counting in their GC and I haven‘t.
Obviously my second try of the first stage is not taken into account. Is it possible to change that?

Manuel - your 2nd try at Stage 1 is the race showing in the GC:

As you only raced the Stage 2 event a few hours ago, you need to be patient for the GC results to get processed. They are normally only done once per day for GC’s but could be longer.

Can anyone let me know why I do not seem to be listed in the GC? I’ve ridden the first 2 events, although I appear to have been DQ’ from the TT for not having a Heart Rate Monitor. I still don’t see anywhere that listed that as a requirement, but whatever.


Hi @TMac

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I entered first event wrong cat and got ZP0 against my name I still got the kit for finishing though I entered the second event in right cat and a HRM still ZP0 I just finished third event correct cat HRM still a ZP0 and I didn’t even get the unlock colour for the bike very confusing

Hi @Mark_Thomson1 - you are using a Zpower device which are excluded from this event (see the “No Zpower riders” in Gerries post above just below his highlight).

Some events only DQ Zpower users if they podium which allows you to join in the race and compete.

EDIT: I note that HR and Zpower requirements arent listed in the Zwift event listing as a requirement, which seems like a miss.

Cheers Guys

Thanks for reply but what is Zwift power device I don’t have a smart trainer just a basic dumb trainer and speed sensor sorry for newbie questions new to ZP and Zwift really


Basically Zpower describes dumb trainers that Zwift cant model a power curve for… essentially you can adjust resistance levels to whatever you want and they may or may not be accurate. Some people (not the majority I dont believe) with dumb trainers outright cheat but Zwift has no real way to tell, which is why Zpower devices are restricted in some events.

A bit more is here and here

Cheers Guys

Totally get it now as you say no where on event does it say no ZP riders that’s disappointing

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Is the GC list being updated? I’ve completed 3 stages so far and only 1 is being shown on the list

See my post above.

Thanks for the Reply. That kind of thing should be noted on the Zwift event page, which is where I signed up. I actually just started using Zpower for this event, so am still trying to figure out the coded language they us on the site.
Does getting DQ’d for something like that mean I won’t be listed for GC, even with finishing the other stages properly?

I would assume so.

When racing you should always use your HR monitor, most events require that in Zwift power. For important races also check Zwift power for rules.

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So what has happened with GC this time? Worked for stages 1-2 almost got me exited - but no more? It’s such a shame we have to do stage race without even knowing current standings - while organizers seems not to care at all. I absolutely love stage races, but this just might be the last one for me

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