Cape Epic stage completion and ZP

Couple of questions, I completed stage 2 yesterday but so I didn’t get the email from Zwift on completing stage 2 like I did with stage one and all the Haute Route stages? Should there have been one?

I’ve also noticed my name in the GC on ZP doesn’t show the 2 events under my name, just stage one? I know it can take some time but this is over 24 hours now even though stage 2 clearly shows under my results?

Not alone I didn’t receive an email after stage 2 either, wonder if it is related to how the events are setup stage 1 or 2 to unlock the kit, all four stages to be entered into the draw (just guessing here).

The only important email for me is the one that confirms that I have been entered into the prize draw (or that I have won😎).

As for the GC think that is just time, did take a while after stage 2 for my update, did stage 3 and it is still only showing 2 stages for me, happy to wait it out.

The Cape Epic, full name Absa Cape Epic, is an annual mountain bike stage race held . The times taken to finish each stage are aggregated to determine the overall winning team in each categaory at the end of the race.

Mine is the same. Done 3 Stages and although the results are recorded it did not update and only reflect Stage 1 completed.

Hmmm maybe there isn’t one? Haute Route had one after each stage so I assumed this would be the same. Maybe it isn’t?

Strange, maybe the turnaround time is just really slow, a lot of people seem to have 2 events showing. I would have thought in over 30 hours it would have updated though.