Absa Cape Epic FULL!

Firstly there are very few time slots for stage 2 . And to make matters worse, I tried to sign-up for 1830 CET ride but the category have limits and B, C and D are full. Only Cat A 4-6 WpKG has slots. I’m CAT C, my son CAT D.


Is this the case? I can’t see Stage 2 at all in the Companion App for any time slots Tuesday or Wednesday, but can see Stage 3 Thursday / Friday (entered B Thu 17:30 GMT), and Stage 4 Sat / Sun.

Maybe there’s an issue with Stage 2 appearing in events??!?

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Actually, just ignore me - forgot Stage 2 is a TT, which I have filtered out of events on Companion app! And yeah, it does say ‘full’ for B cat at 17:30 GMT, so somehow I’m going to have to find another slot I can ride…


Well it didn’t take long for CAT A to get full too, Please give us more slots for stage 2…1800 CET is completely full now.

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Hey Zwift, what happened here? There’s nothing in the event notes indicating there would be a limited number slots for each category. Need more officials to run the clocks? Not enough bikes to go around?

Also, because of the riders entering down category, aka sandbaggers, the C and D cats have about 30% of riders that are going to be DQ’d in ZP and this is keeping riders who want to ride in their group from joining. If Zwift just limited entry to riders within their category we wouldn’t have as much of a problem here.

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Well it is happening again. Day 2 Stage 2 At 1630 GMT is already FULL for Cat B C and D. Only Cat A has spaces but that will end up full and many Zwifters will end up not being able to complete stage 2.

Come on Zwift. Now consider giving up more chances to complete stage 2. Either before stage 2 expires, or give up makeup days at the end.

Do something… I’m getting the impression that nobody from Zwift reads these forums. Or cares. Because it seems like a simple fix.