I missed Tour de Zwift - 2nd Stage

Hi All,

Is there any way I can ride the 2nd stage of the tour de Zwift? I missed this one and like to complete all stages :slight_smile: Thanks for getting back to me. Noud

Check out the FAQ thread: Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

What if I miss a stage?
Make-up stages will be available for the week of Feb 7 - 13, as soon as Stage 8 wraps up. During the week, we’ll host events that cover all eight stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure to sign up in advance.”


This sounds like there’s a max on number of participants in a given event and a slot can fill up. That’s not usually the case is it? What does advance signup otherwise gain you?

no, but each stage is not available every hour on the hour as it is now. During the make up week, using past experience, the schedule will look something like this:

(not actual dates and times, this is hypothetical)

Monday 8am - stage 1
Monday 9 am - stage 2
Monday 10 am - stage 3
Monday 11 am - stage 4
Monday 12 pm - stage 5
Monday 1 pm - stage 6

Therefore, each stage has limited time slots, only a few times per day will stage 2 be available.


What Mike suggests is almost certainly what will happen. In the make-up week for Academy in fall 2021, for example, it was tricky to find the desired, missed rides that my schedule would allow me to ride.

Rather than put “so make sure to sign up in advance”, it would make more sense for Zwift to indicate “plan ahead to avoid disappointment”… but we can’t plan ahead just yet because only the standard TdZ rides are scheduled so far (up to 7 Feb), and only visible in Companion Events up until 30 January at the moment. I’m sure it’s on someone’s long to-do list and will be done soon.


It’s pretty annoying that Stage 2 where many of us would have probably loved to do multiple stages was only 3 days while Stage 3 which is the definition of boring has 5 days.

We’ve been putting the longer stages during the weekend, and the shorter ones during the week, where often people have less time to complete it.

There will be make up stages.


Just to clarify regarding the availability of stages, I think it would be hard to break this 8-stage, 4-week Tour into more even blocks, given that there are 7 days in a week.

Stages 1, 3, 5, and 7 are available for 4 full days each (not 5), and Stages 2, 4, 6, and 8 are available for 3 full days each (before the make-up week). The changeover occurs at the same time (08:00 UTC, Mondays and Fridays), which means it’s easy to know/remember when the stages are on.
Sure, each stage could have been made available for 3.5 full days each, but then some people would complain that the varying changeover times are confusing and introduce conflicts with their schedules…

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s zero extra credit (or XP or glory) for riding more than one route in each stage. (Which doesn’t stop me trying to do them all, too: just shows what a dangling carrot can do to motivate us to ride more, eh?)
Since the stages all use standard Zwift routes, there’s nothing stopping us doing them multiple times in free rides (especially if our devices allow us to do the world hack) or in meet-ups, now or after the TdZ, but I suppose we are unlikely to be riding in such large bunches in those cases.

From my point of view, I find the TdZ scheduling easier to follow than the 2021 Academy, for example, but it still requires some forward planning and, of course, enough free time to do the rides. :man_shrugging:

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I’m a bit obsessed.


I don’t know what would have precluded simply having overlap days on weekends where either of 2 stages could be chosen to be ridden. Eg. Sun-Wed, Thurs-Sunday, Sun-Wed, repeating