TDZ 2021 make up ride schedule

I am unable to find the info about TDZ make up rides. I have the dates (Feb13-20) but that’s it .
Anyone ??

They don’t appear to be scheduled yet, I’m sure they will by Saturday.


Thanks Mike! I have three rides to make up so I am going to have to have somewhat of a plan!!


I’m fairly new to Zwift and not done a series like this before. Will the events just appear in the events schedule as different events for the various stages through Saturday, Sunday and Monday too I’m hoping?! I have two to make up as well!

I was looking for these too. I completed Mont Ven Top, had a dip in wifi, but it carried on, and logged in strava, just says I didn’t complete it on here :frowning:

Hi @Matt_Giannasi, welcome to the forums. The Tour de Zwift didn’t use the Ven Top route during any of the stages that I recall. Stage 3 used France’s La Reine route, is that what you are referring to?

Yeah, sorry, I carried on to the top, but it still said it was completed during the ride

The Make Up stages have been scheduled. Looks like they are running stages every 15 minutes on a constant rotation, so each stage repeats every 2 hours. This is probably the best event scheduling we’ve ever had for one of these big events. I don’t remember seeing one person complain that they couldn’t ride when they wanted to during this year’s TdZ.

Good job Zwift!


Arghhh! I don’t see it! Where is the make up schedule posted?

I see it in both the companion app and on

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Thanks I see it now!!!

Make up runs for stage 1 are all at poor times!

There it is

There what is?

Stage 1 run wash up is either before 5am, during work hours or after 9pm… nothing in sociable hours for the UK all week.

A complaint.

I didn’t even look at the run times, I was referring to cycling.

There wasn’t a reference to cycling, just TDZ which is what I was referring to.

Don’t see why it shouldn’t be mentioned that wash up times are unaccessible for many in the UK.

Tim, this thread is
TDZ 2021 make up ride schedule

Semantics and distraction Milan… same principles apply regardless of ride or run.

What you’re both saying is, “go away stop making your point”…

What you could have done was had a think about how you could have helped me resolve my issue. What you actually did was try to belittle… yours are interesting responses - the ego to be right all the time!! (Its almost like telling somebody that exports produce about how brexit has effected them because one has googled it!!!)

I am far away from saying

You can make your point anywhere you want, but for me it makes no sense to post about run in a ride thread. If you expect somebody to help you, you should post in another thread, or make a new one. If you do not expect help is it for me just whining.

Milan, appreciate your insistence on carrying this on and that you think this is a worthy point to explore but I’m not going to be drawn into an egotistical ■■■■ waving competition over a moot point when the principle is exactly the same.

Go bully somebody else