Additional Tour de Zwift Makeup Days

(Kara) #1

Hello! I’m very excited about the Tour de Zwift and have been participating regularly. I have one stage that I will need to make up, but unfortunately the makeup dates fall on 2 weekend days (February 2-3). I often work on the weekends and have a hard time completing those stages, could you add at least 1 weekday re-race of the Tour de Zwift stages for those who work on the weekends? I understand it’s not a real race (I’ve come in almost last every time), but I’d really like to earn the kit, and it would be a shame to miss just one stage. Thanks!!

(Justin) #2

I’d like to second this one. I’m travelling on the 2nd and not sure I can find a compatible bike/trainer in a gym at my destination on the 3rd to complete stage 6. Why did I have to miss the toughest stage!!!
Any Zwifters in Courcheval want to let me borrow their set up on the 3rd Feb? I’ll buy the beers after, J

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #3

I would like to have stages planned over 3 consecutive days. Life is not only Zwift…

For example, on sunday I had a tough stage and yesterday a hard workout so I will miss the current stage because of that. Ofcourse there will be a makeup weekend, but I rather prefer to ride stages on time especially for a Tour which spans over 9 stages.

(Deborah) #4

I just started using Zwift and got no notification of the official first tour (and I was waiting and looking for it), so when I got on it was at number 4. But as I recall, he said you can make those up afterwards. Well, I’m starting to doubt that because I can see the same tour number coming up the day after, and now I’m assuming “afterwards” doesn’t mean “after the Tour de Zwift” is finished, but he meant, EACH tour, the wording wasn’t very specific it was kinda vague, So now what do I do? I’ve worked extremely hard and I’m basically doing it for nothing?? Or will there in fact be makeup tours after #9? Because I can’t find a way to go back to numbers 1, 2 and 3. Maybe someone knows? By the way, I applied for a job at your company specifically because I find that your user interface is too complex when you first start to go on, and I still can’t find things. The biggest problem’s are:

  1. I didn’t get a notification by text or email, and if I did I apologize but I was waiting for it and saw nothing.
  2. I couldn’t find the tour listed, I had to scroll through the list a lot to find it, and it’s tiny
  3. I found it on the app, but there are user interface issues with the app too, I’ll reserve for a separate time.
  4. the text on the desktop interface is too small. The mobile is perfect. For the desktop: Not everyone’s cycling area can come really close up to their TV. My TV is huge, but I have other furniture, so I’m 10 feet away and I can’t read anything. You should make the text bigger, or give me the ability to make it how big I want it. Otherwise I like it. It’s got some accessibility issues.
  5. I can’t type at my laptop while on my bike, other than the messaging on my mobile, how in the heck do you choose kudos for people, and how do you change routes
  6. how on earth can I even select a different route. I’m getting tired of London. Can’t I put in my own off Google maps
    7)s it really that difficult to sync up the frame rates of Google maps to the cadence? Because you should do that. I know it would be choppy, but I’d still think it’s cool! They use video in other apps and sync up with the frame rate of the video to the cadence, and it looks dorky at some speeds, so I like your AR approach a lot, but it would be cooler if you used Google EARTH. The Tacx app does it, but you can’t get into a street mode view. If you did that, you’d win my heart seriously! Also theirs loads slowly, you need a buffering system.
  7. the number of avatars I see passing me doesn’t turn out to be an accurate representation of how many people passed me. I thought it was just 20 and as I was riding I must have passed a few hundred. That was a lot of work! How come I can’t tell how many are in front of me? Where can I find out?
  8. I want to know if my internet bandwidth is affecting my speed. If it is, is there and algorithm you can use to counter that and maybe make some adjustment or average it out or something so that I’m not going 80kmh when I’m probably only going 40? Or was I really going 80kph down a mountain slope or what? It’s hard to actually tell if your going downhill, but I assume easier peddling gives it away. How about put up a sign saying it’s a slope, and what slope increment?
  9. you ask for different power to weight ratios for different tours and races etc…but nothing on there tells me what I am. I went into another app to learn what I am, but I’m not sure now because your app said my ftp increased.

Ok my first questions is still the main question, please answer how I can make up 1,2 and 3. and if you need an experienced user interface designer, I could help! At least part time.

(Aaron Stroot) #5

From the TDZ web page:

  • We will be offering 2 “make-up” days. This will be 2 days where we will have Stages 1-9 available for you to complete to make up for any stages that you missed.

  • These make-up days will be after stage 9

(Deborah) #6

Thanks! That’s awesome!

(Kara) #7

Sorry, just to clarify, I’m aware there are already 2 makeup days it’s just unfortunate the days fall on a Saturday and Sunday (in USA at least). I’d love if there was just one extra weekday to complete the stages… especially since I only have 1 stage to makeup. It’s no fun when work gets in the way of my zwifting :joy:

(Greg) #8

It would be great if the makeup days started on Friday, 2/1. I completed every stage except for the first stage. My trainer arrived late, and I joined Zwift during stage 2. Weekday Zwifting is best for me and many others. Also, this weekend is the Super Bowl :slight_smile: @Vincent_Williams1 (found your name here) is there enough chatter from the community to open makeup days on 2/1?

(Tessa NL [HIK]) #9

I would definitely appreciate this as well, would be great to have at least one week day included for the makeup days.

(Vincent) #10

Hey @Greg_Stellato! There are some makeup times on 2/1 :slight_smile: Here’s a link to all the upcoming makeup events for Tour De Zwift

(Greg) #11

Thanks but I don’t see any times for 2/1 listed.

(Vincent) #12

In the above link?

Maybe try a refresh or scroll down a little bit? That’s pretty odd.

(Greg) #13

Same link. I’ll clear my cache in a bit and try again. If it doesn’t work, I’ll respond here. Thanks!

(Greg) #14

I see the issue. You’re in PST. I’m in EST. That’s midnight my time.

(Vincent) #15

Yep makes perfect sense :confused: Sorry about that, looks like the 2nd is the earliest makeup day. We haven’t heard too much buzz about this but I’ll inquire further.