Make-up for Stage 8 - Tour de Zwift 2024

I missed stage 8 but see there are no make up rides for this stage?

Looks like this has been resolved and Stage 8 is now included. Excludes cat A though.

No make up rides ?

Yes, that’s odd, the Stage 8 events seem to be missing.

They are scheduled only on Saturday and Sunday so far. I am a little bit dissapointed, I was hoping to do it during the week, because it will be ride-outside weather on the weekend.

It’s an oversight because there’s a gap in the schedule for them. The stages change every half hour but there’s a gap between stage 7 and stage 1. Hopefully Zwift will fix it today at some point.

It’s already been raised over at Tour de Zwift [January 2024]

You may have noticed the stage 8 event you are looking at on Saturday or Sunday is there because it has been set up as the weekend RACE element of the make up week.

Stages 1,3,4 & 8 can be raced this coming weekend but not stages 2,5,6 or 7. I don’t know if this is by intent or not.

Update in last hour from James on Zwift Riders Facebook.

Stage 8 is currently not scheduled this week due to an issue with the Spiral into the Volcano route - it is 5km longer in 1.58 (due this week) than it is in 1.57 and we didn’t want people not all being on the same route whilst taking on the stage.

it’s presently available in the race events at the weekend. Having a chat about rest of the week.


I wonder why they don’t just remove the A ride from stage 8 make-up week. Perhaps they will do that so people can finish the series.


Agree with you, some people will just want to complete stage 8 and possibly don’t care (too much) which route they do.

I also wonder why it is ok to have the race on Spiral into the Volcano at the weekend. Think I would be more annoyed if it all goes wrong in a race as opposed to in a group ride !

(Just re-read James’ post - update this week should solve !)

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I’ve just spent ages hunting for any Stage 8 make up ride to no avail, but then I found this thread. Sounds like they will turn up eventually or do them in a race at the weekend. I wish Zwift had a better way of communicating these kind of issues, doom scrolling the Events in app is just ridiculous, even if they had something simple in the app with important norifications… ho hum

Hi @Shane_Clark_T2.5D, Tour de Zwift has a make-up week from February 12, 2024 to February 18, 2024 to complete any stage you may have missed. For more details please, review our Tour de Zwift FAQ.

Stage 8 events have appeared now. Thanks to whoever sorted that. Just the problematic A route removed from it.

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I think A route is what most want


Same here, stage 8 route A is the only one I want to do. Any time frame to when it will appear?


I also want to be able to do the A route, Spiral the Volcano is the only route badge I need in the game… Pleeeease Zwift don’t make me wait another year for this. :sob::sob::sob::sweat_smile:

I sure hope they add the A back in, I need that badge. Any way you could post a link to the FB Group here? I’d like to comment. Thanks!

Look up Zwift Riders. You have to join to comment.

There is no need to wait a year. Stage 8 races are being held this coming weekend (I’m assuming based on this weeks update going through successfully). Of course you don’t have to race you just have to finish.

In addition I’m sure that the route will be used by Clubs as it already has been - that’s where I got my badge.

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Give it time it could be a regular route like they did with scotland map or some of the watopia routes.

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No. It was only stage 8

Looks like Zwift changed decision re TdZ Stage 8 race at the weekend. Looks like stage 8 race now removed and replaced by stage 2.