Tour de Zwift Makeup Dates

Can anyone tell me about the makeup dates? I’m going to have to makeup two stages due to holiday.

Can I ride any stage at any time during the two days? Sorry if this has been covered. Couldn’t find anything on the forum or online detailing the makeup dates.

From our Tour de Zwift link
We will be offering 2 “make-up” days. This will be 2 days where we will have Stages 1-9 available for you to complete to make up for any stages that you missed.
* These make-up days will be after stage 9

Ride On :ride_on:

Hi @Vincent Thanks for letting us know there are 2 make up days - any chance of going a step further and giving us the actual dates of the make up days so we can get planning? How many days after stage 9 are they? Are they back to back days? I’m missing one day to go skiing and want to know if I’ll be back in time for the make up days

I think it will be on 2-3 february :wink:

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Are the Stages then at a specific time, or like every Stage at every hour?

I need to make up Stage 4 and 5, due to being sick with the flu.

And… The Tour de Zwift site is empty, when logged in.

Hey @Ben, here’s a URL to see all the upcoming stages:

If you want to pull a specific stage, use this URL (and just change the number after “stage”)

These will include the makeup day times :slight_smile:

I’ll post a pinned topic about this.