Absa Epic race event time options not condusive to certain time zones

With the exception of recent Tour de Zwift events, I have found that the East Coast US tends to have the lowest convenient event time options for afternoon riding - this means that usually from 5:00pm to 7:00pm EST/EDT there tends to be the lowest number of events available from which to choose, when compared to other time zones.

Not following every post here I am sure this conversation comes up often, but I am posting about the latest Absa Epic MTB race event. Stage 1 offers a convenient time for after (average) work riding, but if you look at Stage 2 this Wednesday, the only afternoon choices are 4:30pm and then 9:30pm.

Why wouldn’t the event planners mirror the Monday or Tuesday event days with similar times? What is with this large shift in event times from day to day?

As these races are not led by a ride leader, I don’t understand why they can’t be scheduled MUCH more frequently? Isn’t it all automation? I must be missing something.

Actually, the West Coast US time slots aren’t very good for many of us who want to get the event completed before heading into work. The Stage 2 TT starts are at 230am and 930am. I have to make a pretty major reshuffle to get this done. Really, seven hour separation between events? Are there a limited number of officials available? Not enough bikes to go around?

On top of this, there are apparently a limited number of starting slots available for the Stage 2 TT events: Absa Cape Epic FULL!

And we’ve got sandbaggers in the C and D categories! Really you guys have to infiltrate the lower cats for a TT? Wanna show the slow kids how much faster you are when you blow by the lower cat riders that started before you? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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I have been on Zwift about three years and I don’t recall ever encountering a FULL event slot before. That is crazy.

As far as the sandbaggers, I have accepted early on to use use the Zwift Power results as the official leaderboard. Sure, that doesn’t help much in-race when you are chasing a blob not realizing they are all putting out wattage way above the race’s category. However, until Zwift gets their anti-sandbagging code fully operational (which they are working on based on comments here), ZP is the only way to lower the frustration for racing events at least for me.

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