Haute Route - PM EST Please!

Is there any way to add some late eventing EST 7pm+? The current times are not child-caregiver friendly at all!

Agreed! I was really looking forward to this event, but nothing works for EST riders.


I second this request.

Allready send you a question about that!
5:00PM and 7:00PM or 6:00PM and 8:00PM would be appreciated.

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Thumbs up for this request!

Agree! I was looking forward to the event, but doesn’t work for east coast of Australia. Some time slots later evening EST (USA) would be a sensible time of the morning in Oz.

I agree. Please add more times for the Western Hemisphere!

Yes PLEASE! The latest time for Friday Eastern Time is 2:00pm, why are there no evening rides for this event?

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Yes please EST evening for Friday at least

Friday evening at least please. Some of us are still working.

At least I am not the only one scratching my head over this. Unfortunately this issue seems to be falling on deaf ears. At least some Friday evening start times would be much better. Ironically you can ride the Tour of Watopia literally 50 times a day though.


Crap. I planned my week around this. I too am working on the East Coast and can’t ditch work.

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I’ve put on my work calendar and keep getting meetings scheduled on top. I’ve tried blocking all of the last three times. I’m really not a 5am girl :expressionless:

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They break their own “prime directive” by a stupid gimmick (April Fools) that takes away the “User Experience” and doesn’t allow you to opt out of it and now promote something that is not all inclusive. Making a great case for people to explore alternatives in an increasingly competitive market. I have been with Zwift for 4 years and I swear they can’t get out of their own way at times.

West US is even worse. The latest event is at 11AM
Working class is at disadvantage. We stay home, but working from home is not vacation


Times don’t really work me either with work commitments in the UK so the only time that’s close to working would be 7pm. Do you know if it’s possible to join the start line at 7pm and then wait 45 mins before I actually ride. I know I’ll be on my own, bit it’s the only way I can think of completing today’s ride.

After a mechanical on my first attempt (event and activity ran fine, front deraileur issue) then the app crashing on my second attempt 2 hours later, I would also love a later time slot. Now I need to wake up at 3:30am if I want to have a third crack.

I’ve been looking forward to doing this for 2 weeks. I layed off my TSS all week expecting to do Haute Route this weekend. Look at the times today and there is nothing past 1pm CST. I have to work. Seriously WTF.

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There really isn’t a good argument to support why they limit the scheduling of these special events. One of the greatest things about Zwift is it’s “always there” no matter what time or what the weather is like. Almost like it exists in a virtual world :thinking:

If you are going to advertise a ton about an event, why make it so inaccessible?

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Agreed, please add a couple later in the day. I’m on Mountain Time, the latest event is noon, I’ll be working. The same schedule as the Tour of Watopia would be great, that 3 PM MDT start was perfect!