Event time’s

I’m disappointed in timing for events. There are over 50 scheduled events between 1-3pm (EST) yet only 6 from 3-5pm. Why aren’t there more rides a little later in the day when most folks get off work on the east coast???

Hi Corey, welcome to the forum!
The reason is these events actually do happen when “most folks” on Zwift get off work - it’s just that most Zwifters are based outside North America.
As 1-3pm EST is 6-8GMT & 7-9pm CET, this is “peak time” for the 50% of Zwifters based in Europe, compared to the 25% in North America.
As Zwift’s numbers increase in your time zone, you can expect the number of events to increase.
The reverse sometimes happens - I’d love to join the rides with Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan but they’re all at midnight our time, and last week’s “Thanksgiving” ride with Eric Min was on a Thursday afternoon while I was at work!
Happy Zwifting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I sometimes get the feeling that the east coast is neglected when it come to event times. I would like to see more events 6am EST or 5pm EST.

For all the WTRL events we only had the option of 3:45am or 7:45pm. so it is either to early or to late.

And here’s me thinking us kiwi’s have a hard time finding events.

While I manage (I typically have to Zwift during normal business hours) I get the feeling that we are the least catered for timezone, particularly for any series which are typically europe, UK, or US based timezones. I get why though, our timezone has very few Zwifters compared to most others.

I wonder if Zwift actually encourage ride organisers to fill in the “less popular” timezones with events as its obvious we have some airgaps.

Thanks for the reply. Got it…supply and demand. Hopefully we’ll get more users/rides on the east coast soon. Been using the pace partner as a substitute. Great new feature!

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