No April Fools Race for US?

Saw and was really looking forward to doing a giant head ride; expecting a handful of events through the weekend.

It’s a shame it was only a grand total of 8 events, with huge hour gaps.
I’m saddened I won’t get to do the big head race, it looked like a blast.

US East’s April Fools schedule was literally 6:20 PM or 1:20 AM
That’s not very inclusive.
And the schedule only gets worse if you consider US Central or US West.

Once a year events like this should seriously be open for a whole weekend.

Since when is first of April an event?

The “rides” were every hour, with the “races” every 4 hours during core hours.

I’ll pass on your feedback about there not being a massive amount of choice for your time zone. It’s a little ironic as the guy whose programme it is, is based on the East coast!

Hmmm, looking back at ZwiftPower I’m not seeing that, there’s a huge gap between 18:20 to 1:20, where I see rides and runs, but no races.

What was my fault was I hadn’t realized the normal rides were Cat E rides, so they never popped up lol

But when I was scrolling through events, something must have gone wrong. And checking ZP, one of the races surely must’ve been missed!

Yeah - That’s why I said core hours. Core hours in Zwift are European evenings.

I think there was definitely a gap that we missed and something to consider when building events.

James - These large gaps for eastern have been happening for years and it’s quite frustrating. If the event isn’t every hour or every other hour, we tend to be out of luck whether it’s weekday evenings or weekend days.