Event Times - Why the discrepancy?

I’m currently riding the TOW 2020 however the same seems to apply to other events as well.

At certain times of the day, there are big gaps in the usual hourly schedule (upto 3 hours apart). I understand that this potentially has a lot to do with the amount of riders subscribed at these times, however, I pay the same fee as my US or European counterparts, so this system is grossly unfair. Working on a tight schedule, I have very little option as to when I can ride events between work, kids, etc… and the event scheduling has actually led to me not being able to complete events.

For me, the only way to make this fair is to make the gaps standard, i.e at least once per hour.

Please let me know if this is going to change.

Same! In Eastern Time Zone there are large gaps from 3-7pm which is primetime for many of us in North and South America. (Another large gap is 9am to noon ET.)