Events Not Available

Hi Everyone,

I sent an email to Zwift to complain about the following issue. Their feedback suggested I start a Topic in Zwift Forum to get others who have the same feelings as me to support this problem.

As most of us do, I get a number of emails from Zwift during the week about upcoming events. Two that I have received recently are to help with charities, one being the Head for Change. What a wonderful idea!

I completely understand that a number of events are organised based on the country or time zone that the organisers live in, however really important events such as these should give everyone in every time zone the opportunity to join in. A prime example of this was the latest Haute Route event. The two events above are scheduled at ridiculous times for people in Australia, New Zealand and a number of Asian countries such as Japan, Guam, Thailand, Malaysia and China to do. My only options are after 7pm in the evening until the early hours of the morning.

Can we all agree to get Zwift to make the really important events, such as those for charities, available within all times zones so that everyone can take part.

I place no more importance on Charity rides over racing and group rides but what I would suggest is that the event calendar should allow for equal distribution of all types of events so all timezones get an opportunity to enter.

Sitting in NZ, we get bugger all events in the 4-8pm window whereas so we miss the opportunities our colleagues in EU, UK and US get.

Having said that, we have a really low quantity of riders so we risk diluting the events to such a degree that we have very low participation.

Coming back to your point John if it were successful (I’m still voting as something is better than nothing), I would probably enter a good ride in NZ peak times given pretty much nothing else is on, but the charitable status of it wouldnt be the “why” for me.

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