Zwift Events Team - No response

Noticed a number of races and events as part of several series have been missing this week along with many grumbles and groans from disappointed racers/riders and fed uu organisers. Has the Events Team changed with some of the recent reshuffling? Still waiting for our 5 recurring Thursday weekly WTRL Team Time Trials to be added. Multiple messages sent - not one responsebut getting barraged about why no signup available yet. I work with other organisers too who are experiencing similar issues. Whats happening? Can I help?

In a similar situation here, waiting for response to a few emails since last week for new rides (we have a social media campaign waiting around them).

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Hi Martin and Rich,

I am trying to put on an event for a Zwift Insider article I am writing, but same issue - no response from anyone at Zwift Events team. It’s not going to look good if in the article I am now writing “got no response, complained on forum”

I have even reached out to Eric Schlange to see if he has any contacts who I can engage with.

Is it normally this bad?