Zwift events email is not replying anymore

Is zwift events email down, or how the heck is it possible that they don’t reply to emails? I have tried to update our group ride’s details, but no one replies to my email. I even made a ticket about that thing, but no one replied to that… Only zwift’s twitter account is replying… :confused:

Is anybody else having problems with zwift’s events email, when trying to arrange events?

E: Latest reply from events email is 2.12.2019, after that i have sent 3 emails to them but no reply anymore… My latest email to them is 17.2.2020… this sucks!!

Hello Aku,

I can’t find any event emails under your name, please reply to the support email I just sent you to help us find your requests.


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I replied to support email on Friday, hope to get some reply soon.

Do you read emails at all? I have sent many emails to your events email account and no reply. What happened to our team event, it was removed from zwift calendar, why is it removed?

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